Doing Business With Us

At Abu Dhabi Airports, we offer a wide range of aviation-related, commercial and training services to airlines, operators and other businesses both directly and through our diversified group of subsidiaries.

With our vision of becoming the world’s leading airports company, we are commited to making ongoing improvements to our infrastructure, products and services.

Our constant persuit of the best providers, expertise and partnerships ensures that we are able to deliver world-class standards that guarantee financial success and growth.

  • Airlines


    We develop new partnerships with airlines seeking to operate in and out of Abu Dhabi. We offer you an enviable market and a team of experts to support sustainable growth.

  • Commercial Services

    Commercial Services

    In line with our mission to promote a culture of excellence and service quality, we have designed an array of commercial opportunities to enhance the passenger experience at our airports.

  • Procurement


    Procurement is central to our airport operations. We work with the very best suppliers to procure and manage the delivery of goods and services within budget and on time, which enables us to operate and maintain world-class infrastructure and facilities.

  • Compliance


    Abu Dhabi Airports has established the Compliance Department, which is responsible for developing, maintaining, and monitoring the company’s compliance management framework.