Terminal 1 Refurbishment

In 2011, we completed a year-long refurbishment project at AUH’s Terminal 1 to ensure alignment with the superior passenger experience offered at Terminal 3.

In line with the airport’s large-scale expansion plans, the terminal’s passenger capacity was increased to accommodate a continuous rise in traveller numbers.

Design concept

While modern and simple, the overall design reflects the region’s Arabic culture. The following design features were introduced:

  • New lighting concepts
  • Landscaped gardens to integrate calming, natural elements
  • Stylish and contemporary interior design to create a restful ambience

Enhanced passenger journey

The project saw the introduction of many new elements which added further convenience and comfort to the passenger journey, including:

  • Advanced technologies
  • Improved signage and way-finding features
  • A 100% increase in seating capacity
  • Upgrades to our world-class airport lounges and Airport Hotel, including refurbishments of all finishes and fittings
  • A large new selection of international and local retail and food and beverage outlets, creating a spectacular range of choice
  • Additional foreign exchange counters and ATMs
  • A 20% increase in security facilities
  • 12 new check-in counters
  • Additional immigration and passport control counters
  • Additional E-Gates

Award-winning project

The refurbishment project won the “GCC Commercial Project of the Year” at the Construction Week Awards, an acknowledgment of our efficiency in delivering a turnkey capacity solution for the capital’s airport while maintaining quality passenger service.