Arrivals Hall

Launched in 2013, our Arrival Hall has successfully enhanced passenger and visitor flow at AUH, creating capacity for us to partner with new airlines and increase the number of destinations reachable from the airport. The Arrivals Hall has bolstered airport efficiency and empowered passengers to access transport services quicker than ever before.

Convenient pick-ups

Once in the Arrivals Hall, passengers can access parking, taxis and limousines within just 20 metres rather than the previous distance of 140 metres thanks to our passenger tunnel. Visitors in Terminals 1 and 3 can either collect arriving passengers from new entrances located on the lower level using the quick drive-by lane, or park in the allocated car parks and walk into the new Arrivals Hall to greet family and friends.


The Arrivals Hall is located on the lower levels of Terminals 1 and 3.

Enhancing airport capacity

The Arrivals Hall is a key component of the airport’s Capacity Enhancement Programme, which further includes:

  • The passenger tunnel at Terminal 1
  • Immigration system configuration
  • Nine additional aircraft hard stands
  • 20 new Bus Gates
  • Upgrade of the South Runway
  • Complete segregation of Arrival and departure levels